- Chiurazzi Summary - 

Those aficionados well versed in Italian Art, Renaissance Art, history and/or classics/antiquities acquisitions are reverently familiar with the name, CHIURAZZI.

The Chiurazzi Collection of more than 1,650 historica sculpture moulds "Is the most expansive collection of artistic bronze sculpture moulds ever to be assembled in the history of the world."

It is essentially the national archive of Italian sculpture. The premiere museums in the world: The Louvre Museum in Paris, The Hardvard Museum in Cambridge, The Pushkin State Museum in Moscos and The Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh all display masterpeices immortalized through castings from the Chiurazzi Collection. 

- The Full Story -

The Chiurazzi Collection is fascinating, isn't it?

The history, time, and story that is contained within this collection deserves it's own digital booklet where you can learn more.

That's why we have put together this PDF for you.

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- The Making of The Sculptures -